Services. How it works?

- You contact us, our manager gives you professional consultation

- Our designers, installers and managers investigate your facility

- Photographers shoot the facility for further work

- Designers draw up a draft for future lighting

- You can choose from a conceptual design or video presentation

- We make an accurate calculation of the project cost and sign a contract

- Production and supply of LED lighting system and its components

- Equipment installation and commissioning

- Execution of an order

TV Tower

The Nur-Sultan TV Tower was built in the 60s of the XX century. The Tower is entirely made from metal. The lighting design idea is made to simply emphasize its natural forms. By virtue of  the height and new lighting, the television tower can now be seen from different parts of the city at night. The idea was realized using controlled full-color pixels. Today it is not just a functional structure, but also an eye-catching decoration of our young capital.



Shopping Centre "Mechta"

Shopping center "Mechta" combines a store of electronics and household goods, a furniture store, and also a modern fast-food restaurant. Located on the overpass near the bridge, the "Mechta" is always a crowded place and attracts more and more customers.



The architectural lighting of the hotel and restaurant complex "Traditional" completely duplicates the outline of the building exterior facade, and there is also no abundance of light. "Traditional" reminds a decorated American house on Christmas Eve, which allows you to feel the holiday atmosphere on the capital's night streets. The building lighting harmoniously comport with the region and combines the lighting of the hotel complex and complements the restrained beauty of the city.




The Academy of Public Administration

The center of administration and executive power of the Almaty region is located in the Taldykorgan city and has been operating since 1997. The Akimat building was reconstructed in 2016, and therefore it was necessary to modify the facade lighting. Since the building is the administrative center, we used monochrome uncontrolled floodlighs in a combination of warm and neutral light.


The Nightclub "Icon"

The Nightclub "Icon"

Founded in 2015, the nightclub is located in a luxurious area on the left bank of Nur-Sultan city surrounded by hotels, shopping centers, and elegant restaurants. Our lighting helps this building to look magnificenty against the background of the big city. The light animation passing along the facade repeats the cubical shape of the building, and the wide palette of colors at night mesmerizes and invites you to enjoy the big-city night-life.


Architectural lighting

Akimat Nur-Sultan


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